Author Topic: Music-lover mustachians: How do you electronically curate your music collection  (Read 2195 times)


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So music lovers, what kind of computer, software, storage and other gizmos do you use to curate your music collections???

One of my great joys is listening to music, and I have an extensive music collection (CD, MP3).  Up to now, I have maintained my library in I-Tunes, but it is not complete and music I have purchased from other sources (e.g. Amazon) is not completely incorporated.

My goal this year is to "curate" my collection.  To clean up my library, to back it up, to purchase a much-needed new computer (our current one is 11 years old, and not portable).  We also hope to purchase high quality wireless speakers so we can stream music all over the house (and have excellent sound).

I listen to music ALL. THE. TIME.  I listen to it at my desk when I work (usually free Spotify), in the car (music downloaded to Ipod) and when I run (IPod).  I dock my Ipod and listen to it in the kitchen while I work.  It is one of my great joys.  It's spiritual.  That's all I can say.

Generally, I do not purchase books and I use the library instead.  But I do purchase CDs, albeit most of them are purchased used from amazon and other sources so I have built a library pretty cheaply.  I am aware that my CD collection is one set of "stuff" that will eventually need to be dealt with.  Electronic archiving is my attempt to do that.  (But I will likely need to keep the CDs so as not to run afoul of copyright.)


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I asked a similar question recently with slightly different details, but it may help you to see the responses:


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I use Globecom Jukebox:

That said: I wouldn't recommend it today.  It was great when I went with it 15+ years ago, but it has not been maintained in a long long time.  It does have the features I want, so I continue to use it.

FWIW: I can listen anywhere, but not because of wireless speakers.  My jukebox streams on the local network.  Any device that can connect to the network can play the stream.  (Downside: If you have 2 or more streaming, they'll inevitably be a half second out of sync.)


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I found this recently but I haven't found time to jump on my computer to truly check it out yet.


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I'm into critical music listening and I'm pretty impressed with the simplicity of Sonos. Paired with Spotify (which can stream 320kbps on premium) I have almost all the music I could want streamed through the house wirelessly and all played from the smartphone app. No more music on the hard drive, no more using a home theater remote to play music. After a while I don't miss messing with iTunes.

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