Author Topic: Would you go on a honeymoon if you were in debt?  (Read 14228 times)


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Re: Would you go on a honeymoon if you were in debt?
« Reply #50 on: August 14, 2014, 05:55:21 AM »
We did a Thailand trip. Probably cost ~5k total. Most of that was flights. It was unbeleivable and very much worth it. At the time, my wife was in grad school (paid for), and I was still at about ~16k. The thing was, we had 2 cars, both paid for. So this was our only debt. I was also making in the high 70's and my wife was making a stipend too. We had a plan in place and paid off the loan by the end of the next year. I think it all depends on your situation and plan. Honeymoon for 1k won't set you back a ton. Remember, you're only going to get to do this once. And you're not being ridiculous (i.e. spending 20k on the wedding when you have no business spending that kind of dough). You'll also probably make some money back from all the gifts too.

Only change I would make going back was stay another week in Chiang Mai. Place was bitchin' and spread out the flights in Beijing a little more so we could have seen the great wall. And it would have only costs a few hundred more with day visa's and extra nights.