Author Topic: Would the "top 10 card for smart people" change if we drove to earn a living?  (Read 697 times)


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What vehicle would be among the smartest choices for those of us who drive for a living?

Looking at the blog post you may narrow it down the the Toyota Prius since it's about a 50MPG both city and HWY (many cab companies choose this vehicle), but what year would make sense? Maybe the new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid could be in the conversation also? What other cars are up there with the best?

But is a $20,000 car worth purchasing? Especially considering our working careers as mustashians may be only less than 15 years total? Also, should we go with new or used? Should we take out a loan and reap some of those benefits (ie warranty for battery which can cost thousands of dollars), or pay full cash? or should we buy a few years used?

I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on this question. If you drove for a living, what vehicle (year, make, and model) would you choose to drive? How would you go about purchasing that vehicle?



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 What do you mean "drive for a living " ??

   -Run your own uber / taxi service full time
  - deliver dentures or small medical equiptment to doctor / dentists offices all day
  -  Deliver groceries for a supermarket
  _ Deliver Pizza
  -  deliver newspapers
  - long haul trucking
  - heavy equiptment operator
  - professional race car driver
  - landscape material delivery
 - home health care worker
  -rural route mail service

  your question is rather vague -- it depends on the nature of the employment -- service provided - weight and size of the deliverable item, etc.
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