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Job interview advice
« on: August 26, 2016, 08:09:42 PM »
So I have been unemployed for about nine months. Most of that I had severance for, and I'm collecting employment insurance. I have a large reserve, not FIRE but not bad. I'm actively looking, but being a bit fussy.

I had a phone interview for a great job with a recruiter, followed immediately by another phone interview with the hiring manager. Basically she said I'm almost too strong for the job. She scrapped most of her questions and we just talked for 90 minutes about her operations instead of the scheduled hour. At the end she said it would be at least four weeks before I heard anything more due to holidays.

My question's now been five weeks. Silence. Do I do anything? Do I email, call what?

And yes I am still heavily searching. But it's a medium sized city, and I can't leave because my son is here. I had another interview that went reasonablely well this week. Another"about four weeks".....



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Re: Job interview advice
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Send a note along the lines of "just checking in".


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Re: Job interview advice
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