Author Topic: Why is it socially acceptable to throw cigarette butts on the ground in public?  (Read 21382 times)


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Do you call yourself loose or easy?  Or a slut?  If not, they don't use it for the other gender.  It is bloody simple.

I certainly would, if I had a lot of sex with people I didn't know very well.  I have definitely used the term to describe men I have known like that.

I realize it's a politically charged word, particularly with people who trying to dissociate gender oppression from sex-positivism.  Great, I'm all for that.  But we still need a word to describe people who are indiscriminate and/or irresponsible with their sexuality, and I don't shy away from the words we already have.

I find that to be a pejorative idea too.    Just because you don't enjoy more sexual encounters with more people under different circumstances, doesn't mean that the people that do are engaging in negative activity.   Surely you realize that sort of judgement is more related to our puritanical, judeo-christian roots than any sort of reality, right?


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The early 20s female college smoker.    Say what you will, but I always found that this group was considerably more friendly to my advances in my single days.

I think the word you are looking for is "slutty" and yes, I agree that all of the early 20s female smokers I have been with were slutty.

All my firsts were with smokers, from kisses to actual sex.   

They also tasted like ashtrays.

When I was young someone told me the following...

If she smokes, she sucks.
If she sucks, she fucks.
If she fucks, she sucks.
If she sucks, she smokes.


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All of the kids today are much too occupied texting with both thumbs to hold a cig.  Smokers are a dying breed in more ways than one, so the problem will solve itself.

...except in Germany where high school kids (ages 14 and up) smoke in droves just off campus (I've even seen them across from the police station). And nobody says/does anything. It's so ubiquitous here and was my biggest source of culture shock. The bus stop thing really gets to me.. to be sitting on a bench, have someone sit down, light up and be completely socked in by their smoke without them even caring, then they throw the butt on the ground.

Ah, I was quickly divested of my image of a clean, healthy Germany.


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I hate cigarettes.

I fail to understand why this product is completely legal and readily available all over the world. I hate that people think it's completely okay to smoke in public and blow their smoke in my face. I hate when they throw their cigarette butts all over the place. It's nasty. If you don't even want it your car's ashtray why the fuck would I want it on the community roads we share?


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