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Title: When do you give up a housing situation?
Post by: monstermonster on August 13, 2015, 07:58:13 PM
I've been in my current 2 bedroom with 1 roommate (who is lovely) for 2 years. It started at $525 but due to the craziness of the local housing market it's now $600 with no end on how much it is increasing.

A studio in my city is $1000 or more. I can't afford that and still save what I am saving. I'm rarely home so it's not even worth it. But I think I don't want a 4+ roommate house anymore that I had for so many years. Too much drama at work to want it at home.

I have decent rent. But I have mold, my downstairs neighbors smoke like a chimney and it comes up through our floor, I have to carry my heavy bike up the terrifying/not code legal stairs at my apartment a few times a day (which is actually dangerous- I got a bruised eye from it yesterday). My roommate is great and I can stay as long as I want (month-to-month). The issues with the housing are starting to wear on me, though.

What is the point at which you give up on this and seek out other options? One option is to live with my SO, but we have only been together for a year so that seems like rushing things.

I am having trouble admitting that I might need to spend more on housing since it's already so high.
Title: Re: When do you give up a housing situation?
Post by: Bracken_Joy on August 13, 2015, 08:09:32 PM
Perhaps talk to your roommate about finding another 2BR place together? Trail living with SO if you're inclined, that way, if it doesn't fit well you still have another roomie to fall back on for affordability? (I will say though, please don't move in with SO just for $- terrible choice and can breed resentment and feeling trapped)