Author Topic: Project 333 for Men: Paring Down the Wardrobe to Make Room for the Rest of Life.  (Read 4708 times)


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I'm looking for examples of guys that have successfully put together some of these capsule wardrobes that I keep hearing about. I have more clothes than I should, fluctuate in weight sometimes and so hold onto stuff that doesn't fit, but would like to pare down to just the essentials. I work from home so I'd have about 90 percent casual gear with 10 percent suits and such for work travel.

Anyone done this successfully and willing/interested to share your process?



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I'd be interested in this too. What does a man's capsule wardrobe look like?


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I don't know what a capsule wardrobe looks like but I have a pretty basic wardrobe.  I have a vertical shelf thing with jeans, underwear, turtleneck shirts, short pants.  Hanging I have 3 suits, probably 10-15 button front shirts.  A robe.  Sweaters up on a shelf above that.


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A mans capsule wardrobe is very simple- my husband has one with no effort. He doesn't need any dressy clothes for work, so it would have to be modified for dressier work environment, but It looks something like:

- a couple pairs of jeans
- khaki colored pants
- black pants
- denim shorts
- khaki shorts
- a stack of tshirts
- a stack of plaid cotton button ups (wear with sweaters in winter, wear with rolled up sleeves in summer)
- some sweaters to layer over button ups
- nice wool coat
- a couple sneakers
- nice black shoes
- black belt