Author Topic: whats best ??? can yall give me some insight when it comes to after tax money  (Read 1192 times)


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I just hit my max into my 401k for the year.   Currently, 20% goes into my fidelity . My company matches 7% of gross to no limit.. So they will still match my 7%

What to do with the rest is the ?. Keep in fidelity at my normal 20%  or just leave 7% in and move all my after tax money to my vanguard accounts.

currently putting 20k a month into my vanguards, but this will add a few thousand either way i go.... Had the same question last year, but just dont see what it matters other than i seem to do better with the vanguards.. My fidelity doesnt give me but 10 options and none are as good as VTSAX etc




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I'm a fidelity person myself.  But Vanguard is good and has slightly lower fees.  Since you seem to prefer Vanguard's offerings, put the money there.