Author Topic: What would be your dream job?  (Read 16984 times)


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Re: What would be your dream job?
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My dream job involves me getting a task with a reasonable budget, then being allowed to plan out my own work schedule . . . And if I get the task done early, I'm allowed to screw off until the time period allotted for the task is over.  Flexible hours, not the highest or the lowest pay, and no stupid requirements ( having to go to pointless meetings, having to be physically in an office for no reason, and nice people to work with.  Meet those requests and I could get along with just about any sort of work.


A couple of post or semi retired jobs I think I would like is:
-Deep sea fishing captain
-Tour guide for adventure trips
-Dive master
-Own a bed & breakfast
-Golf marshal
-Greenskeeper for a sports stadium
-Wrecking ball operator


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Re: What would be your dream job?
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+1 Emilyngh
I also have my dream a tenured professor at a small university.  Finished all my grading yesterday and have 7 weeks until  I (voluntarily, for extra pay) teach a summer session.  Research and writing on my own schedule will be mixed with family time and a vacation. And I can still go into the office if I want a break from family time.... Only thing that could make it better would be getting to choose my city, but for me that was the trade-off to be in academia.


I'm quite thrilled with mine. Tenure track, small state school. I even got to choose the area (can't say "city" since I don't live in one). I have one foot on the dark side in admin, but so far I think I'm fairly happy with the balance. Not positive, though -- I may want to go back to the classroom full time someday. I work with almost entirely good people to work with, and I'm pretty well insulated from the few crazies.

I just learned this week I'm up for both tenure and promotion this coming year, and all signs look good, so hopefully that'll relieve some stress. That will help in terms of happiness and effectiveness both. Also, there would be a teeny tiny pathetic raise involved. Luckily I'm not in it for the money. :-)

Post retirement ideal job may involve going back to teaching exclusively online, from home, not too many classes at once (n<3). I have a much nicer home office now that the house is finished, too. I won't teach for the for-profits, but I have the contacts and experience with three different publics in two states, so that's okay. The other possibility for post-retirement would involve tech consulting for higher ed. Trouble with that is it may be more like work than I want in retirement. We'll see. I'm working to make it possible so that I have the choice.
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Re: What would be your dream job?
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pro golfer on the PGA tour