Author Topic: What small things did someone else do today to save you money?  (Read 685 times)


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Our apartment had a sketchy probably-built-by-the-landlord's-dad balcony over the downstairs neighbour's kitchen roof. Their roof started leaking, so the landlord has replaced their roof, the back of our roof, and the balcony. Our old slates replaced with plastic lookalikes, and the old dark metal balcony with a wooden deck. It's quite nice, but a big unexpected side effect is that the back of our apartment is at least 5 degrees cooler during heat waves, reducing cooling costs and increasing the number of days that we can make long-cooked things in the kitchen.

That got me thinking... one of the layers of safety built into FIRE is that we'll get better at doing stuff and find savings and life hacks. But we'll probably also benefit from stuff that other people do for us, things we can't predict right now.

Anybody else have stuff like this happen to them, where you go "thanks, universe!" and find yourself farther ahead?


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Re: What small things did someone else do today to save you money?
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Our neighbor has helped us out a couple of times by lending his tiller and helping my spouse do a bit of work on a playhouse for our kid. If not for his help we would've rented the tiller. I would've helped with the playhouse so that wouldn't have cost money but it was still very nice of him. I made him a mask and let his spouse have some of out peonies and other flowers. Then I dried out some more peonies for her and gave her a bunch of our dill.


Wow, a phone plan for fifteen bucks!