Author Topic: What's your cash-out strategy for online rebate sites (Savingstar, ibotta, etc)?  (Read 889 times)


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Sites like Savingstar, ibotta, Checkout51, etc., all have a minimum amount you have to rack up in rebates before you can cash out. (I've seen anywhere from $5-$20 minimums.) I'm about to hit some minimums, and am trying to figure out if there's any way to optimize cashing out to one's advantage.

So for folks that use such sites: What's your strategy for cashing out? Do you cash out as soon as you hit that minimum amount (some money in pocket sooner), knowing that'll start the rebate tally clock over and you'll have to wait until you hit the minimum once again before cashing out the next time? Or do you rack up a certain amount beyond the minimum (more money in pocket later), so you delay starting the clock over and get a bigger chunk of change? If the latter, what amount do you aim for? Other?