Author Topic: Weird Construction Materials - Ceiling Demo  (Read 1524 times)

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Weird Construction Materials - Ceiling Demo
« on: October 17, 2016, 09:18:45 AM »
I'm taking down a cieling in a 1920's two storey four-square. The construction materials pose a puzzle for tearout, and I'm hoping someone here has come across something similar and has ideas.

The buildup of the cieling from second storey joists down is:
- Floor Joists (keep)
- Strapping 1" X 2" wood on 24" centres (keep)
- Fibreboard (AKA beaverboard or Homasote) nailed to strapping (remove)
- 3/4" Scratchcoat plaster (remove)
- 1/4" Finish coat plaster (remove)
- Popcorn texture (remove)

When I demo, I like to take out big chunks to limit the mess. I thought this was a 'normal' lathe and plaster cieling, and was going to run a skill saw along the bays, then pull out hunks of cieling. What I am finding with this buildup though is that the saw blade is dulled in about 2 minutes. Also, the homasote is supposed to be very flammable - so with my blade throwing sparks as it cuts the plaster, it seems a little unsafe.

Once I get a handhold on the ceiling, the fibreboard just crumbles, leaving me with about 3" round bits as my biggest hunks. This sucks mightily. Anyhow, I am open to whatever suggestions folks have to make this come down.


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