Author Topic: Ting Problems/CDMA phone recommendations  (Read 815 times)


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Ting Problems/CDMA phone recommendations
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:46:37 AM »
So, we've been saving a ton of money using Ting. However, I've had ongoing issues with spotty connections and have reached maximum frustration where something needs to change. I think what I want to do is just switch from Ting's T-mobile to Sprint networks, but wanted to run that by you all to see if others have had success with this solution, plus I'm looking for recommendations on a new phone.

Right now I'm using an iphone 4 on the Ting T-mobile network, and - with a cell phone booster - get a weak connection in my office and a good connection that occasionally disappears and drops the call in other areas around my house. I use the phone for work, so the dropped calls are usually meetings where my boss is present. NOT GOOD. We never had problems with connectivity with Verizon. I tried to find a Ting-like alternative that uses Verizon, and found that a) such a thing doesn't exist b) Ting supposedly will switch phone/text to draw on the Verizon network when you are on the Sprint network and there's a gap. If b is true and works as advertised, switching to a CDMA-sprint phone will solve all my problems. Yes?

But, assuming that works, I have a new problem. My 30 minutes of googling and research told me that the iphone 4 won't work on the Sprint network and I need a CDMA-specific phone, but that Sprint and Verizon's CDMA are different somehow and I should buy a Sprint-compatible phone. Great. Went to Amazon and did a search for Sprint phones in my $150ish price range, and got...a bunch of phones that aren't compatible with Sprint. Ting's in-store CDMA phones are all $300+. If that's truly the only price range, I'll consider it, but I'm really hoping for something cheaper.

Anyone out there using Ting's CDMA network or Sprint with a phone they like that won't break the bank? I value good battery life and the ability to use Waze/Google maps smoothly, plus the occasional ability to look up info when I don't have a wireless connection. So, a reliable smart phone but nothing top of the line, and I'd really prefer to keep it to <$200.


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Re: Ting Problems/CDMA phone recommendations
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2018, 11:13:53 AM »
I have a Moto g4 play that I got from Amazon for around $100 brand new a couple of years ago. I have used with Ting and used it on both networks (sprint and Tmobile) and had no problems. I've also used it on Republics network for awhile. I'm now with redpocket on AT&T network due to it being a better deal. I'm a middle of the road user and this phone has been great for me. Not sure if they still make it but Motorola offers similar one's now for less than $200, probably cheaper if you try Amazon.