Author Topic: Wanna be mustachian, good starting point but spending spree. need a mentor  (Read 1505 times)


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Hi guys, here is my current situation.
I live in Europe (Spain)
I'm 30 y/o, have no outstanding debt and no mortgage.
Married (my wife owns the house), we have one dog, want to have a baby soon.
I got lucky being early in bitcoin, not lucky enough to hodl like I should have. (I could be looking at 15M now if I just hodl and still hurts) .
In 2012 my NW was 5k, now is around 400k - 300 liquid ( 200 in crypto, 100 in fiat). 
I don't have a regular job since 2015, I'm trying my own ventures but income is negative for the time being.
I'm living off some consulting job I do ( 8k/year ) but mostly bitcoin profits.
I live in a city, I don't need a car for daily life and I love bikes (own 3) .
Yet I own a campervan (which also provide side-revenue by renting it off), a small speedboat (FML) and a motorbike.
My wife also own a small citycar we use a couple of times per month to go out outside city. With the prospect of the baby we started looking at new cars and I was THIS close from ordering a brand new 50k Volvo XC40. What the fuck was I thinking.When I was 18 my first car costed me 1000 eur and lasted me 5 years and loved it. How did I get to desiring a car that cost 50 TIMES that? FML
I am subscribed to all possible services you can think of : amazon prime, spotify, netflix, you name it. (FML)
I have one passive revenue stream that makes me around 8K/year (the renting of van)
I feel I am getting spoiled and accustomed to luxury, in fact in the last years I started taking taxies, eating outside a lot, paying for others, buying a shit load of stuff on amazon (90 orders last year).
I don't know how much I spend per year. I counted around 800/month for regular surviving item, but the problem I have is "extras" ... I am a walking leak, and since I feel wealthy (I have never been before, nor was my family), I have the feeling I can go on buying shit forever.

So I see that I am lucky enough to be at a very good starting point...

However I realise is all based on a gamble I did some years ago and its not sustainable. I spend too much, I get spoiled, I am lazy now and hate "hard earned money",  I don't know when to say enough.
I didn't built decent enough passive revenue streams but now I want to start!

What would you mustachians do if you were me? Where would you start?

Here is what I am thinkin of :

1) cancel subscription 2) sell or giveaway shit I don't need (it will take forever tho) 3) build more passive revenue streams  4)maybe get back to a part-time programming job ( uff... I really don't feel like doing it again) ...  5) get accustomed to cook more, even tho here in spain is common to have dinner out 4 days a week :( 6) sell the boat, but FML I bought it this summer for 16K and I really want to put to use my licence and the fact that I live near the see


Does any of you want to be my mentor in the process? I could really use some ! Make me an offer :D
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