Author Topic: Has anyone ever moved a house to a new lot?  (Read 1455 times)


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Has anyone ever moved a house to a new lot?
« on: December 21, 2016, 10:45:40 AM »
Does anyone out there have experience moving a house to a new lot?

If so, were you pleased with the overall process?
Did any unexpected expenses or issues come up?

We have a beautiful craftsman home in a very high COL area. Our property is also zoned multifamily, making it very valuable to developers. With all the giant new multifamily developments going up on our block (and right next door), I did some back of the napkin calculations and I think we could move just a few blocks away to a lot (aka a $650k tear down) that is zoned single family and come out way ahead (even after accounting for the cost of the move, new foundation, and down payment on the tear down house). Additionally, we would likely rededuce our monthly cost of living (via a lower mortgage and real estate taxes).