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Vanguard Financial Advisor Services
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:51:28 AM »
This week I hit Vanguard Voyager Select status* (*see note below).  I had been waiting to hit this status so I could get my complimentary financial plan from a CFP.  Unfortunately, after looking into it, Vanguard changed the service.  I still get a yearly consult, but it seems much less involved. 

In reading reviews from people that utilized the prior plan, the advisor would look over all Vanguard accounts and other personal accounts (401k's, 529, etc) outside of Vanguard.  I requested an appointment with an advisor and completed the information worksheet last night and it appears much less involved.  Their system pulls our Vanguard accounts (about 60% of our holdings) but just asks for account balances of my 401k, 529, stock holdings so it doesn't look like I'll get very detailed advice on my non-Vanguard funds like others have in the past.  The meeting remains complimentary but there is also the option to have the advisor control my accounts for a .3% fee.  This would be about $1500/year.

Currently, I put money in my 401k and into 2 Roth IRA's (wife and I).  I do not rebalance either account (I understand the reasoning for rebalancing, but not enough to put it into practice).  I just put money into an an index fund each year and leave it.  I'm 36 years old. 

Are the benefits of rebalancing likely to outweigh the fee?  I believe they will do it quarterly.  If I use the free program, I can get advice once a year and can do it manually after getting the advice.  I also understand Betterment is an option and charges 1/2 the fee and also provides a yearly consult with a CFP at the Voyager Select level.

*I would have been Select much earlier had I called and asked Vanguard to combine our household accounts.  Good advice for anyone currently invested with them to confirm your household accounts are linked (they go by address).


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Re: Vanguard Financial Advisor Services
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2015, 08:24:26 AM »
Personally, I would learn how to rebalance your funds.  It isn't difficult, will take an hour or so every 6 months.  Save the $1500 fee and improve your returns, can't ask for more.
The only trick with rebalancing is that you have to have a plan of how much (%) of your total each etf/fund be, and then stick to the plan.  It's counter intuitive to sell the winners and buy more of the laggards, but the math don't lie!