Author Topic: Used Smartphone? Wifi hotspot + iPod? In need of communications advice  (Read 1721 times)


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About a year ago after reading some of the great information available in these forums, I ditched my Verizon wireless service and switched over to Pageplus cellular, in the process dropping my bill from $40 a month down to $12. While my 7 year old flip phone and I are still doing just fine, there have been several occasions of late where I have wished I had some limited data capabilities. Specifically, access to email, access to google maps, use of Uber instead of cabs for the rare instances where public transit is not an option and weather precludes biking. I should also mention that I have an iPod touch and access to wifi both in my home and at work. I have considered a number of options outlined in these forums and here is what I am considering at the moment:
1) buying a used smartphone and finding an appropriate, low data usage plan with another MNVO (pageplus doesn't seem to have a plan that would fit my needs well if I add data)
2) Freedompop device and make use of the free 500MB of monthly data using my iPod touch, continue with business as usual with my flip phone

So fellow Mustachians, what do you think of these two options? Are there others that I am forgetting? Also, if you recommend option 1, what would be a good, relatively inexpensive device to find used? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Current Setup:
Hardware: LG VX8300 flip phone (also have a Casio C751 sitting in a drawer in case the LG dies), iPod touch 3rd generation, ObiTalk box set up with Google Voice and a home phone (google voice number rings directly to home phone)

Mobile Talk/Text- $12/month plan on the flip phone from pageplus: 250 minutes, 250 texts, 10 MB of data.
Home Phone: Free using google voice and ObiTalk box
International Calling: Free via skype
International Texting: I currently text with friends overseas using the iMessage app on my iPod touch, including texts to someone who does not have a phone plan, but has access to wifi.