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Lost my job working in Healthcare accounting over year ago ( almost 2). I made $62k, great benefits, but a commute of 32 miles one way. There are not a lot of jobs where I live locally.

Immediately took a part time teaching job ( adjunct) four miles from home. So for past almost 2 years, I got my unemployment ( $550 a week) plus part time income of $200 a week. ( You are allowed up to 200 a week, over that it is deducted from unemployment). Got my kids on state insurance, lowered my expenses even more and enjoyed teaching.

So 2 months ago I took a full time job with a non for profit 2 miles from home!  $44k no benefits really. Still teaching part time for $200 a week.

NOW, I have been offered a full time teaching job for 9 months/ $49k with benefits. My 2 kids would get tuition free ( its a 2 yr school) after I have teached full time a year. I could always work summers too, last summer I did a temp job for $20 a hour, but was 40 miles commute. But it allowed me to requalifty for unemployment after I was laid off. So I went back to teaching that fall.

MY QUESTION: how to approach leaving this 44k a year job? the board has not approved my Full time appointment yet, but will in May.


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Are you making a permanent change to teaching?  Or might you go back to the nonprofit world?  And when would the teaching start - in the fall?