Author Topic: UK mustachians wealth preservation strategies if a Corbyn government takes power  (Read 355 times)


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Hi all,
After my boss, a man who seemed smart and capable emigrated quoting politics as the reason, I was wondering if anyone is changing their wealth building/preservation strategies to take into account the chance of a Corbyn government taking power? I do not wish to discuss politics, I simply want to know what if anything has changed in how you are investing.

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Hi Fas234. You've just joined the site and that's your first question? Are you a bot by any chance or conducting some sort of market research?

Sorry just kidding. Without knowing any direct policies, other than leave the country (which seems a bit extreme) what can someone actually do? Would someone move out of current tax wrapped accounts now just in case they are no longer a good deal in the future? That sounds risky. Would someone go to cash under the mattress perhaps? That sounds even riskier.

I wasn't aware there was an imminent general election?

What wealth preservation strategies should someone have followed with this Conservative government and all their Brexit shenanigans? There is always political risk whatever lot happen to be in.