Author Topic: What to do with 50k?!  (Read 820 times)


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What to do with 50k?!
« on: August 25, 2018, 07:35:06 PM »
In 2016 we sold our home in Portland OR and moved to Bend OR.  We made a little profit from this house sale which allowed us to loan my mom 50k.  I knew she would pay us back but I really put it out of my mind (had to or I tend to obsess about $$$ and there wasn't a hard and fast end date of repayment as it will be tied to her home sale) well the moment of truth is finally here and the money is coming back.  What should we do with it?  I know its our decision don't get me wrong, but I'm a planner by nature and I didn't plan for this.  Now its like I have financial planning block, Im just looking for suggestions, brainstorming, ideas to get me started.

Family of 4, DH is 42, Im 37. Only debt is our mortgage which we owe 370k on at 3.5% 30yr fixed
Single income household annual salary is 165k + a bonus between 25-45k
Our 401k contributions are maxed, I dont think we will qualify for Roths for 2018 once all RSUs vest

Retirement Savings
47k in 401k
210k in Vanguard IRA
9k in Roth IRAs
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