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Title: Two Month Notice?
Post by: bpobst on April 23, 2014, 07:00:34 AM
I work at a Fortune 500 service company. I am at a one person account so I work in an office with no windows in the back of the warehouse of my employer's customer. For many reason (mostly related to the fact that I hate every second of my day) I want out. The tricky part is that the contract expires 7/31/14. I would feel terrible quitting in the middle of contract negotiations but quitting right after does not sound so good either. That is if it is renewed. If the contract is lost then maybe I can swing a layoff. So I will probably start looking for jobs end of June and see what happens.

Financially, we will finish our student loans in July (perfect timing) and will be able to support ourselves on just my wife's salary if needed. We also have savings that would last about six months.

What I am wondering though, is when should I tell my boss? We have a great relationship and I do not want to screw him. I would love to give him two months to find and let me train a replacement but is that the best option?
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: soccerluvof4 on April 23, 2014, 07:28:12 AM
Depends on how replaceable you are. In my company when a person gives notice they are escorted to the door immediately. I have to do this for company secrets etc.. and in I know this is common place with several other employers I know. I would give notice 2 weeks before your contract expires. Honor your contract.
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: GoldenStache on April 23, 2014, 07:41:41 AM

Hypothetical for you.

In your company, if someone gives 2 weeks notice are they paid for those 2 weeks even though they are escorted to the door on day 1?
What if they give a 2 months notice, still paid for the full two months? Or only paid for the 2 weeks?

Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: soccerluvof4 on April 23, 2014, 07:48:03 AM
My business involves brokers and commissions. They get everything they have coming to them as it comes in and there safety fund is given them once everything is cleared. I would never cheat them out of a dime. In addition, for note of record I have had numerous employees come back over the years. However as an employer I need to protect the other employees and there accounts and though we have non competes etc... there is always cases where people try to learn my business then go off on there own. The first year employees are on a salary plus commission in which they are not required to pay back the salary and if they quit or let go we pay there 2 weeks and again any commissions coming to them.
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: Trede on April 23, 2014, 07:50:08 AM
If you start looking for a new job at the end of June and don't find one, are you still leaving your current job at the end of July?  If the answer is no, then for sure don't talk to your boss, since that gives him power over the timing of your leaving. 

But, if you are sure you are leaving, and you have a great relationship with your boss, I'd go ahead and give him the notice that you feel good about.  Sounds like *someone* has to do your job, and you are the only one there and are good at it (since your relationship with your boss is good).  From his perspective, he will want you to stay and probably won't fire you on the spot (unless the situation is as soccerluvof4 describes and you are privy to supersecret stuff and become an instant liability).  A good boss will want a smooth transition for the end client and I for one would be thankful for longer than two weeks and a chance for the guy going out to train the employee taking over.
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: GoldenStache on April 23, 2014, 07:55:36 AM
Thanks.. Makes sense..
I was thinking you were in more of a design/manufacturing.. No idea why..

I agree if you have a great relationship with your boss let him know.  Can you get on a different account, or a different job within the same company?

Push comes to shove you might need the job again sometime down the line and better to have a bridge that you can recross. 
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: NeverWasACornflakeGirl on April 23, 2014, 08:04:24 AM
I recently wondered this myself (I gave notice that I was retiring yesterday -- woohoo!).  I found these two sources to be helpful (and the "askamanager" site has a whole bunch of related posts under "resigning" that you might want to look at). ( (

FWIW, I decided to give 6 weeks.  In my field (business intelligence and data warehousing), it's not uncommon for employers to show you the door once you've given notice, but pay you for the time you would have been there.  Maybe it's because I'm retiring, maybe it's my company culture, but I'm still here (much to my disappointment ;-) ).

Good luck!
Title: Re: Two Month Notice?
Post by: GoldenStache on April 23, 2014, 08:19:54 AM
After further research.. (That amazing Google Machine)

It is dangerous (so I found) not from the x-rays but from the nitrous. (personal face punch for not thinking about the job related risk)

Soooooo.. If her job requires the use of nitrous (X-rays are safe) and can no longer do her job, the dentist will have to offer her job back after she has given birth. 

Catch 22
She is eligible to go on short term disability STD (depending on the state), he is not required to pay for the full time off.  Depending on how long she worked there and what state, it could be far better for her to get unemployment than to get nothing if the state does not offer STD.