Author Topic: Trying to figure out a job title and compensation estimate (also CRMs)  (Read 1768 times)


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I started a new job as the A/P coordinator for a small software company about a year ago. The company is a great place to work and has some nice benefits. Recently, we've started making moves to create a new position that will coordinate customer information between IT, Sales, and Accounting. The first order of business will be finding a CRM system that can help us do a better job of tracking client information like what equipment they have and related warranties.

While the job is currently in the development stage, I have already been asked if I want it. It sounds like something I would enjoy since it's all about bringing order to our client information. I would be the hub when it comes to client info and it would be my job to make sure the departments have what they need to do their respective jobs. The compensation plan is currently undetermined so I'm looking to get a jump on things to see if I can make a case for a title and appropriate salary. My problem is that I don't know exactly what category it fits. I've been looking up different job descriptions and Systems Analyst is the closest I've seen but that only covers part of the role. At the very least, I want to know that what they offer me is in the right range for the responsibility. Ideally, I want to be able to make a counterproposal and have the information to make a strong case.

I'm also open to any suggestions for a CRM. I've started looking at Microsoft Dynamics and at least one other which doesn't come immediately to mind. I would like to find one that can add features as we need them for Help Desk and maybe some ERP.

Any suggestions/questions/advice from fellow mustachians would be appreciated since I've never made a salary case before.


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The person who does what you are describing at my company has the title Sales Enablement Specialist (our CRM is primarily for Acct Managers and the like). We use Salesforce. You may have more luck finding job titles if you search indeed or the like for the keyword Salesforce, which I think has really corned the market in recent years. We used to have Microsoft Dynamics but it is being sunsetted, although I don't use either system much so I can't really speak to the reasons.


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I am looking to build such software for a friend of mine, actually.  He is looking for inventory tracking and workers comp management.

PM me and we can talk.  We are just in the beginning stages and are looking to focus on small businesses.  Maybe there could be a benefit.