Author Topic: Troubleshooting Cigarette lighter 04 Mitsu Outlander - Fuse OK, wiring OK,so...?  (Read 718 times)

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Trying to repair the 12v power in my wife's outlander before a road trip. 

The cigarette lighter was loose in its socket, so I opened up the panel and discovered that a little plastic piece holding it in place had snapped.  Seems inevitable given that it's a very little plastic piece and people just go all out ripping stuff out of that socket.

Anyways, it had stopped working.  I figured I might as well replace the thing with a slick new 2-USB port as long as I had to replace it, worked just fine, only ten bucks, looks pretty sweet.  Still didn't work.  Got a new fuse.  Still doesn't work.

Wiring looks fine, nothing melted - black to negative, white to positive, seems like it should work fine.

Doesn't seem like there are any bad relay issues involved, every other electric function is working.

Anyone have any idea what else I can do to get this thing working?

Thanks in advance!