Author Topic: Tips from anyone in a long term Frugal x Not-So-Frugal relationship?  (Read 1648 times)

Rika Non

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I'm contemplating an early retirement and am well on my way to financially to call it quits by 45.  My partner who is a few years older than I is planning to work till corporate early retirement (~60).  If we do this we'll have roughly 10 years of working / early retirement.  Right now with both of us working our lives feel fairly balanced.

What I am most interested in from other people is comments on how other couples with a frugal x not-so-frugal partnership handle things?  Especially if only the frugal one is aiming for early retirement.  In my case we have talked about it, and there are no real issues since we keep mostly fully separate finances, and plan to keep it that way.  We 50/50 split any joint costs, but keep everything else separate.