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Title: Tinker/workspace in Boulder County?
Post by: pedrocorrecto on August 01, 2018, 05:15:17 PM
My partner and I are moving to Boulder for her job (I work remotely - we will most likely move to Boulder so that she can bike/walk to work, despite the high prices). I am looking for somewhere to do some light woodworking/tinkering/place to work on customizing the interior of my custom campervan. We will probably not have a garage. Does anyone know of a shared workshop/space (other than Solid State Depot) that would allow me to work on projects like this? Do any self- storage units have electricity and allow this kind of thing?

Id we moved to Longmont, I'd jump on getting a MMM HQ membership, but it would not be aligned with the MMM ethos to make this drive from Boulder.