Author Topic: Thinking of switching to Consumer Cellular from Ting - any pitfalls?  (Read 1165 times)


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I've been with Ting for a few years now and love their customer service.  But it looks like I could get a better deal with Consumer Cellular, and Sprint doesn't have the best coverage in my area, so a switch to AT&T should help.

I am usually close to 500MB of data per month - sometimes under and sometimes over - and similarly with the 100 minutes of talk.  So my Ting bill varies from $24 to $40 depending on usage.  Probably averaging around $30 per month.  Consumer Cellular would be $25 per month for 1GB of data and 250 min  of talk - I would rarely exceed those amounts.  Also could get a 5% discount if I join AARP since I just turned 50 :-).

I am looking for a new phone too, to replace my aging iPhone 5c.  Consumer Cellular offers an iPhone SE for $160, which seems like a good deal - at that price it doesn't seem worth going for a used one.  The only downside is it's a 32GB model.  My 5c is only 16GB and I'm forever having to delete photos and podcasts from it to free up space so I was really hoping to make a bigger jump in memory size, but for that price I think I can live with 32GB.

Anyway, just looking for any thoughts of what I might be missing or any other alternatives I haven't considered?