Author Topic: Recommendations please! FIREd family looking to move to Seattle(ish)  (Read 444 times)


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DH and I are newly FIREd and are considering a move to Washington state for about a year to use it as a base camp for adventures in the Pacific Northwest. We'd like see Mt. Rainier, the San Juan islands, Cascades NP, and generally check out the area. We're thinking we'd like to be in the greater Seattle area (not in the city itself, since we aren't interested in paying those kind of prices), though we're open to other suggestions. We have two kids (a baby and a toddler). What we're interested in: an hour or less to SeaTac, family friendly neighborhood (parks, libraries, sidewalks), 3 bed apartments for $2K month(ish). What does NOT matter to us: schools, being in an area that's good for commuting into Seattle. We do not plan on staying in the area long term.

Based on internet research (we've both visited Seattle, but don't know it well), I've happened across Everett, Mill Creek, and Redmond (potentially too pricey) as possibilities, but I'm pretty clueless. Wise Seattle Mustachians, do you have recommendations for areas to check out? Thanks, y'all!