Author Topic: Thinking about becoming a freelance translator - advice needed  (Read 1358 times)


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I'm not happy in my corporate job in marketing, but really enjoy doing translations (English-German) as a side hustle. Does anyone of you have experience in this area and can share how much they make per year? I'm worried that it may come with a significant drop in income.


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Re: Thinking about becoming a freelance translator - advice needed
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My brother is in the industry, and my understanding is that  the current model is for example a web-based portal that takes on the input from the customer; a software does the translation, which is then sent to actual qualified translators in low-cost locations to review and correct the final version. The translators are rigorously managed, their time having coffee or a sh*t is all recorded electronically.

So basically I am saying that margins appear to be very thin, and execution very rapid.

You may hear from people actually doing what you are thinking of doing right now, and they will have an ac in which case ignore the above!