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Thank You Mustachians
« on: September 18, 2012, 07:56:47 PM »
I just wanted to thank MMM, Mrs. MMM and all of the Mustachians that post on this forum. The Hubs and I are learning A TON. It's sort of like living without glasses, unable to see clearly. Then, you get glasses and BOOM! Clarity. Both the Hubs and I are reading the forums, the blog (from start to finish) and implementing things as quickly as we can.

For the first time in our marriage we are discussing money. Like every day. Even tiny purchases under $10. This is AMAZING. So MMM and Mrs. MM, thank you for taking your time to write and work on the blog. Everyone else, thank you for taking your time to comment in the forums. We are learning and our lives are changing.

We still have an incredibly LONG way to go. But I have no doubt that with the support found in this forum, we will get there.


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Re: Thank You Mustachians
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2012, 08:21:46 PM »
Seconded.  Thanks especially to Mr. and Mrs. MM, for spreading the word and being such an inspiration.

And thanks to everyone who participates on the forums.  Being here, reading posts from other Mustachians keeps me in the mindset.  Keeps me in the flow, and being immersed among the face punches and success stories alike helps solidify my commitment and enjoyment of the good life.

And thank you, kbb, for your posts.  I've enjoyed them.

So a big +1 to the OP's post.  Thanks everyone.
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Re: Thank You Mustachians
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 12:59:25 AM »
I have to admit before MMM I was pretty smug about my finances. I was way more frugal than any of my peers, never had a budget or knew what my monthly expenses were because I easily saved more than half my salary and pretty much never bought fancy gadgets, clothes, beauty products, etc. I didn't have any friends that used a prepaid cell phone like I did. So I was feeling pretty good about myself.

But after reading the blog and forums, I realized that there are people who eat out once a month and consider that splurging. I eat out quite a bit (usually cheap restaurants) and have justified it to myself by thinking I like food a lot and it's worth the expense to me. But then I came to the obvious realization that if I get better at cooking, I can make healthier and delicious meals exactly the way I want to for much cheaper, which could significantly affect my finances and health for years to come. I know, totally obvious but it's funny the blind spots we have toward ourselves. I had always just thought, "Oh, I can afford it, it's convenient, I love food," and I don't think anyone but a Mustachian would have faulted me for it. But now I want to strive for greater Badassity after being inspired by you (MMM, Mrs. MM, and the forum members). It's like the latest MMM article - eating out is my bedpan, and I seriously just need to get out of bed and cook. Thank you for the inspiration that I haven't found anywhere else. It's been so strange for me to shift from a mindset of not really thinking about purchases if I have plenty of money in my bank account to consciously examining and thinking about why I want to make a purchase and whether it aligns with the principles I want to live my life by, no matter how big my stash is. I am so humbled by all of you Mustachians! Thank you!!