Author Topic: Help with Ebay UK policies as a seller  (Read 2033 times)


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Help with Ebay UK policies as a seller
« on: March 17, 2015, 02:58:05 AM »
Can anyone help me with ebay policies - I have searched at length on the site and cannot find an answer to my question, nor a phone number.

I am selling a handbag. A lady has won it, and we have entered into correspondence regarding postage. I would rather not sell it to her, I think she will cause problems (reasons below). My question is: am I allowed to cancel an auction after it has ended? Especially on grounds as fuzzy as ĎI donít like the buyerí?

Full story:

Itís a well-used, but designer handbag. There is damage to the leather, which is stated very clearly in the listing and photographed. However, itís a popular style, and it has sold after much bidding for over £50. I personally would not want to pay £50 for a bag with that much visible damage, but Iím not buying it.

The buyer is in Bulgaria (Iím in the UK). I quoted £10 postage on the invoice (she did not enquire about postage costs before winning the auction). She came back and said that is too much, could I go to the post office and check.

I did. It is over £11.50 to send it with a signature, or £6.50 without a signature. I told her I was happy to send it tracked for the £10 I had quoted, but if she didnít want to pay for that I would send proof of postage, but my responsibility would end there. If the item didnít arrive it was at her risk.

She came back and said she only wanted to pay £6.50 and could I raise a new invoice. I did, and again stated that non-delivery would not be my responsibility if she chose that option.

She came back and just said, ĎThis bag how long ago was bought? How much as a new in store? Original brand Furla is it? Are you sure of 100%?í.

I replied:

ĎThis is why I am worried about sending it without requiring a signature. You did not contact me for a postage quote, you complained that I was charing £10 when the cost was actually £11.50. I was happy to pay that difference.

Now you are asking questions that you did not before and implying that I am somehow being dishonest. I just want to make sure you receive the bag.

If I send it without requiring a signature you could tell eBay that you never got it and I would be out £50.

This is a genuine used bag, exactly as described.

It seems silly to be prepared to pay over £50 for it but argue over £3.50 postage difference for tracked delivery.

If you do not want it please let me know nowí.

She has come back and said there is no point in paying extra for postage. I disagree because it protects both of us.

Basically, I see three outcomes:

1) Bag arrives, she likes it, happy days. Unlikely. I feel like her message about its authenticity was a veiled threat, although I know some of the intonation (Ďis it?í sounds very combative to my British ears) could be a matter of implied meaning being lost (or found) in translation.
2) Bag arrives, she is annoyed she paid £50 for a damaged bag, she says it was never received, Ebay refund her (I think consumer protection laws are very strong in the EU, plus ebay likes to inspire buyer confidence by siding with them, in my opinion. She would get a refund, I am fairly sure)
3) I pay the difference for tracked postage. Bag arrives and she is annoyed that she paid £50 for a damaged bag, but canít claim it didnít arrive. She tells Ebay it is fake (it is not) or that the description is somehow wrong (it isnít, but how can I defend myself virtually to ebay when she has the bag?). Then Iím out for the extra postage and the £50.

I would rather start a new auction or offer it as a second chance to someone else. I smell trouble. She just seems argumentative, and whenever I have not trusted my gut on stuff like this before it has come back to bite me.

Is there some way I can say we disagree over postage costs therefore the deal is cancelled?


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Re: Help with Ebay UK policies as a seller
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2015, 03:18:03 AM »
If you are sure you want to do this, just cancel the auction, and choose "Item was lost" as the reason. If she then fights you or questions it, you can say "the dog ate it, and I'm sorry!". Don't admit to anything else. Ebay will back you up.

It'll cancel, BUT, I think she can still leave you negative feedback, so be prepared for that possibility. If she does, the negative feedback will drop off your record after 1 year.

P.S. If you do this, do NOT then relist the bag on Ebay!