Author Topic: Sydney too rich for my blood. Is Hobart a good alternative? Where else?  (Read 977 times)


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Hey guys, I've always wanted to be a homeowner and I'm saving up now, but with Sydney house prices and cost of living, Hobart is starting to look mighty good.

I just wonder, in terms of a small city that still would have programming jobs, Hobart seems ideal, but are there others? Other musts are a hospital and some good public schools for my kids.

I'm wondering if anyone's made the move out of the big smoke and can help me research more of what I need to know to continue thinking down this track.


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I've heard that Brisbane has software development jobs around. Adelaide seems pleasant too and fairly inexpensive, but is larger and has a warmer climate than Hobart. Neither are going to have as many opportunities in many fields than Melbourne/Sydney though.

I guess most of your available jobs are going to be in Melbourne or Sydney. There's cheapish housing in some parts of the western suburbs of Melbourne (including a heap of new developments), if you're OK with going a fair way out.

Don't count out regional centres either. I believe there's a few IT employers in Ballarat, for example.

Pick which ever area you like the most. :)


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Newcastle is fast become a favoured place to go for Sydneysiders trying to escape the high cost of housing.

Unfortunately it is also starting to look pricey.