Author Topic: switch jobs to something i really like or forge ahead  (Read 1926 times)


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switch jobs to something i really like or forge ahead
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:45:09 AM »
Hi everyone

I need some career advice from people that understand! I'm a graduate corporate lawyer, doing my "rotations" and need to pick an area of law to settle in.

I'm tossing up between construction with impressive starting pay, and tax where the starting pay is standard.

Australia is currently experiencing a massive construction boom. Consequently, construction lawyers are in high demand and I may be in a pretty advantageous position to negotiate a higher than normal salary and early promotion. We're talking about a $100k salary and then a bump to about $115k after a year (instead of the normal 2 years). I find the work interesting (but not something I'm passionate about), I really like the team, I like the workplace and I have a really good relationship with senior staff and HR. The construction team is well respected in the industry and we generally work on quite big deals. On the other hand, booms are often followed by busts...

However what I really like is tax. Unfortunately there is not enough room in the firm's tax team and so I'd have to go elsewhere. I'm looking at applying to the big 4 as a graduate, but I've heard that the salary is a lot lower (like $70K) and I'd have to work my way up to promotion the standard route. I'm also going into an unknown work environment so the hours could be hell, the people could be awful etc etc

In reality, if the money was all the same, I wouldn't be doing either construction or tax but something community based (which I plan on doing as soon as I am bare-bones FI).

The difference in working years is about 2 (6 in construction, 8 in tax).

I'm now faced with a choice - stay in construction or start again in tax.

Has anyone been in a similar position? What did they choose and are they happy with their choice?

Anyone have any advice??


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Re: switch jobs to something i really like or forge ahead
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 10:47:34 AM »
You can go into construction then go back to tax when the boom is over.


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Re: switch jobs to something i really like or forge ahead
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2018, 03:58:17 AM »
My experience is that being good at something and being in demand trump being in your favorite area. As you said, tax is not your real passion anyway, so after a few months of working overtime with less pay and appreciation you'll probably not like it as much anymore. So unless you really hate construction, I'd stay and ride out the boom.

You can use that extra 45k to comfort you.