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Title: Student Loan ReFi Sign Up Bonus Churning?
Post by: bluetick on November 17, 2017, 07:42:49 PM
Hey All,

A few months back I refi'd with SoFi and got a $300 sign up bonus via the MMM affiliate link. Everything is going well so far at Sofi. BUT Commonbond is offer a $500 bonus through  The rates are exactly the same. Thinking about switching over and then perhaps repeating with a few of the other Refi companies in a few months.  My reservations are the multiple hard pulls on my credit report and my moms as she would need to cosign and losing  the 7 payments at SOFI toward the 36 I need to release the cosigner.  My rate is 4.9% for 10 years, but Im trying to pay it off in five.

Any Thoughts?