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Straight Talk & iPhone 5S
« on: January 23, 2017, 03:40:50 PM »
So after years of being with one of the major service providers I have decided I would like to try something cheaper.

I picked up a Straight Talk iPhone 5s for $149.99 and purchased the monthly unlimited calling/5GB data card for $45.00. So far it seems to be on par with the service I had before. However I have only had it for a week, and have not had the need to contact customer service which I hear can be a nightmare.

No real complaints up to this point, aside from the fact I'm coming from an iPhone 7. So you can imagine there is a little adjustment going on there. My thing that bothers me the most is not having the ability to use Wi-Fi calling when I'm in my house which is the one spot I have trouble service wise with all carriers. With Verizon I was at least able to utilize that feature when at home which was great. It seems Straight Talk does not offer it, at least not with the iPhone 5S despite the actual phone having the technology to do so.

The other issue is the lack of mobile hotspot. When traveling it was nice to be able to connect right to my phone when using my laptop. My phone is also my main source for a camera, so I was a little worried about the iPhone 5S camera value:price wise.

So I guess, what I'm trying to ask is....should I just give myself some adjustment time, or is picking up the 5S and or using Straight Talk just not worth the savings you receive in return?

My other thought was staying with Verizon however purchasing a phone outright and keeping it for 4-6 years.

My priority here is being cost effective while maintaining as much technology as I can while staying within the Apple ecosystem. So in other words...I want the greatest value.

The phone (5S) is I was not sure if I should return it for something more long the lines of an iPhone SE or 6.
Experiences? Comments? Thoughts?


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Re: Straight Talk & iPhone 5S
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2017, 09:15:10 AM »
Coming from the iPhone 7 was your mistake :) ... see

What I'm saying is..the iphone 5s is a remarkable piece of technology that you should be happy with, even the camera.
Alas, we all do the same thing to some extent.

We (my mom and I) had Straight Talk about 4 years ago when I was in college. I will agree that their customer service support is pretty lackluster, and you have to be able to figure some things out for yourself. My big concern with it was always losing my phone number, but that never happened. Being able to communicate clearly (i.e. listening well) to people whose first language is not English will go a loooong way.

As to your situation with the iphone 5s on a prepaid plan,  I had my mom (who came from a flip phone) do this same thing you did just a month or so ago. I think it's a great plan and you should stick with it. She has a Verizon $50 prepaid plan, (as opposed to the $45 from Straight Talk). I consider the $5 difference a justification for the customer service :) Also, I thought we might have snuck out from underneath the Verizon early termination fee for her prior contract by staying with Verizon. I was wrong, and they charged us $100 for it (without telling me first, which severely pissed me off...topic for a different thread.)

She upgraded  to a smart phone because she had started to think she would really like Maps/GPS enabled phone to tell her where to go if/when she gets lost. She did it with her eyes wide open as to what this really meant she was paying for though, and she recognizes it to be a bit silly (when she could just use a map, and ask for directions).

I bought a galaxy S5 a few years back because it had a better camera than the iPhones at the time.

The Wifi-calling issue at home could be solved by taking the iphone 5s or some other smartphone to Verizon's prepaid plans?

I don't think the SE would be that much of an upgrade over the 5s (but I don't and never have had an Iphone so I'm no expert).  Physical size would be something to consider since the 5s is so much smaller than the 6.

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