Author Topic: stories of attorneys negotiating pay with boss/firm  (Read 268 times)


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stories of attorneys negotiating pay with boss/firm
« on: May 26, 2019, 05:43:28 PM »
I've posted before about leaving my job, but things got a little better and I stayed where I was at (small firm; no benefits; I negotiated a bit more flexible schedule). Anyway, I was paying out of pocket for my child and I's insurance-around 600/month (great plan, low deducible, even includes dental) for the past few years, and I just received notice that this plan is going away. To be added to my spouse's insurance will be 1300/month (higher deductible too- 3k).

I'd like to either have these three things happen: (1) My boss agrees to cover at least my portion of insurance (700/mo)- but this is unlikely to happen, (2) I strike out on my own and open my own practice, which is scary (this way, everything I bring in will be mine - I might make a little less in the beginning; however, this option has the greatest amount of stress), or (3) some hybrid of contract work/my own work (although, I think this would end up frustrating me and the owner would direct the new clients to the W2 employees first...).

I'd like to hear other attorney stories about negotiating salaries - my market has a lot of attorneys, so while I know that I am valuable (I bring in business, clients like me) I am likely replaceable. Sucks to say that :(