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Contract to hire.. Next Steps?
« on: January 14, 2014, 06:21:18 PM »
Alright..  I am currently working two contracts. 

Contract A:
The work is not in my wheelhouse, and nothing I've really done a lot of.  It is much more higher level than I am used.  It is a year long contract (through September) and is through my own consulting company.  There is potential for an extension in September as it is a VERY long term project.  I'm just not sure how successful it will be or how successful I can be at it.  It pays nearly 25-30% more than the other one would as a corp-to-corp.  This one is truly a consulting gig (I use my machine, work essentially my own hours - minus meetings and any on-site time).

Contract B: I seem better suited for this role and there is a a great deal of flexibility within the organization once I am in.  But…...
Bear with me, this is confusing.  I signed the W-2 Contract to hire back in July with a staffing augmentation company for the end client.  The end client was supposed to convert within 3-6 months.  I signed for 3 months so that we could re-evaluate.  At the three month point, there was talk (for the second time) of converting to FTE with the end client. It fell through, obviously. Now, the staff aug company's contract with the end client expires at the end of January and the end client still has not firmed  up a date for conversion and I have been told if it is not by the end of January, the contract will just extend.    For me, there is no benefit for being a W-2 Contractor (there also doesn't seem to be much benefit for the staff augmentation company to have me on as a W-2 contractor).  I don't get the career benefits, nor the 401K matching (they do have 401K, but no matching), nor the health benefits (the Cobra plan I have is actually better than what I could get through them).  I also don't get the tax benefits of having a corp-to-corp (while the role won't change, the conditions of how the role is performed can - i.e.: using my hardware and time management).  So, right now everything is up in the air and there seems to be no definitive decision made.  The new account manager at the staff augmentation company is meeting with the client in two weeks to talk about the situation.    To make it more confusing -- the end client knows some about contract A.  They want me to drop it upon conversion to FTE (conflict of interest).  I have explicitly told them I have no problem doing so provided (a) I have no urgent/deadline tasks looming (which I will come April) and (b) all the paperwork for conversion is in.

I hope that made sense.  I know it is confusing.  I'm confused by it and living through it ;)

So here is the question -

Managing them both has become increasingly difficult and draining.  From both a time perspective and from an energy level.  I simply don't have it.  Here are the scenarios I have in my head:
1) Contract B client tells staff aug (or myself) we are converting him by Jan 31st with a Feb 3rd start.  At which point I get all the paperwork in, offer letter done, and terminate Contract A.

2) Contract B client tells staff aug that no decision has been made and we don't know when we are converting but it will happen.. What the hell to do then? I already told the

3) Contract B client tells staff aug that we aren't continuing the contract with him.. Awesome, I continue on with contract A.

4) Contract B tells staff aug. we want to convert him but we are going to renew the contract for 6 months…

I know.. confusing.. i let it get this way unfortunately..


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Re: Contract to hire.. Next Steps?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2014, 07:37:13 AM »
Another option for you to consider:

Tell company B you would love to work for them as an employee, but if they don't convert you this year you'll need to start looking for a permanent position elsewhere.

There is a more risk in that approach, but sometimes you need to give them a nudge.

As Beyonce said, if they like it then they need to put a ring on it. :)

I shouldn't be afraid to do that.. I mean, they just shipped me another laptop (which isn't even as good as the first one they sent, just that I don't need a virtual machine) so I think they do want to hire. 

Interestingly enough, I was on a call where one of the senior guys mentioned when he first started they told him he would have to go contract to hire.  His response was: call me when you have an internal opening.  They called him three hours later and brought him in through another group and transferred him his first day.

I might pull that if they don't have an official hire by the 31st.  And simply say: you've seen what I can do, when you are ready to bring me on full time let me know I am very interested.


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