Author Topic: spending money to save money?  (Read 738 times)


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spending money to save money?
« on: May 31, 2017, 11:03:08 AM »

I am a new ma to a little baby bear who is four months old and he has inspired my previously casual frugal habits to ramp up to wildfire levels.  I want to earn my freedom from a corporate life to see him grow and to that end, I am running through monthly bills and slashing.  I would love to harness the collective knowledge of this community to help!  SO MUCH LOVE FOR YA

I was on Republic Wireless' network about two years ago and ended up ditching because I was on the Moto X and found a million excuses why I "needed" an iPhone.  I'm pretty ashamed to be honest.  I ended up returning to Verizon and am on a plan by myself with a financed device ( I punch my own face for dis.... :( )  My monthly bills are dumb.

I was very satisfied with Republic while I was on it and know I could work with a Google Fi or Republic again once the psychology is addressed that made me ditch it.  That's a work in progress forever but I'm growing.

BUT that being said, I would need to pay off my device (to the tune of many hundreds of dollars) and buy a new phone to get on a new plan.  What is the Mustachian opinion of spending $1K to pay off the device and buy a new one in order to realize savings a year from now?  I figure amortized, it would be another year of bills at my current spending to work through these device costs.

Or are there any Mustachians out there that know the best way to sell a pre-owned iPhone on a network without losing your shirt?  I know some of the shirt is already lost through the nature of financing something but recouping some would be a win.

Any gentle supportive help would be great.

Thank you!!