Author Topic: New Job at home...need VOIP/home phone advice.  (Read 3597 times)

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New Job at home...need VOIP/home phone advice.
« on: January 02, 2013, 09:37:20 PM »
Hi MMMers,

So I've recently been offered a job in which I'd get to work from home full time.  I'm really pumped about the opportunity, but I'm hoping you all can help me with a VOIP issue I have.

I currently use Google Voice (or rather, the little phone icon in the gmail account) to make calls when I work from home.  Generally, it's not too bad but I have a few problems:

1. The phone makes an awful, loud crackling noise if I in any way touch the headset, the USB wire, etc.  Oddly, I can't hear it, but anyone on the other end of the line can...and it's bad. I use a Logitech headset so my guess is that's the root cause...but can someone recommend a really good headset to use which would not cause this?  Or is this just part of the game with a USB headset?

2.  The microphone is too loud.  But when I adjust it in Windows' settings, the microphone seems to automatically adjust to get louder and louder (my guess is that Google Voice's software thinks it's too quiet and keeps trying to turn it up to "11").  When I go back in to adjust, I see the microphone is turned all the way up again.  Any idea how to fix and keep it at the level I set?

3.  I drop calls somewhat regularly (1 to 5 times a day).  If I'm working at home full time, I'm not sure that'll be acceptable.  This seems like it might be an issue with our carrier (Centurylink DSL).  Would a home phone be a better option?  It will likely cost us something like $20-$25 more per month.  (It's possible my new employer could pay, but we're still passing offers back and forth on salary...)

Any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated.  Thanks as guys are the best.


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Re: New Job at home...need VOIP/home phone advice.
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2013, 10:49:49 PM »
I think your internet provider is probably responsible for the dropped calls. While most connections can handle VOIP comfortably, doing so with perfect voice and 100% uptime requires a pretty perfect connection.

How often will you be making calls? Do you have a cell phone with minutes to spare? I think you can also tie your google voice number to your cell phone, at least android phones. It's been forever since I looked into it.


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Re: New Job at home...need VOIP/home phone advice.
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2013, 09:02:12 AM »
I think most of your problems are probably more Google Voice related than actual VoIP issues. SIP is actually a very robust technology that can handle slow connections, it just can't handle lag well (long ping times).

To eliminate your ISP as a source problem, check out and However, knowing Google Voice....

USB headsets are pretty terrible as well (most softphones, too). I could make recommendations, but for the money spent, you'd probably be better off investing in a traditional POTS home telephone that supported a Plantronics headset and either an ATA (analog telephone adapter) like the OBi 110 or just ponying up for a real VoIP provider that'll either provide or support an ATA. Since you're using it for business, you need to ensure that you're buying a business-grade service with a VoIP company. VOIPo, and CallCentric all offer affordable business services. This change will also likely eliminate most of your call quality issues with volume and nose as well.

Otherwise, check out the section in the communications superguide on the subject.
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