Author Topic: How to ask for a raise (for DH)  (Read 1956 times)


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How to ask for a raise (for DH)
« on: November 16, 2014, 06:37:23 AM »
Please help.

DH is a high performer at work and would like advice asking for a raise.   Here are some details:

29 yrs old, 6 years in same position working from home.  Supervisor lives in a different state.  DH receives large raise (approx 8%) annually +bonuses, also gets benefit of unlimited personal use of company car.  Last year DH promoted up a salary grade level, but is currently well under the "market rate" for this pay grade.  DH consistently receives highest possible rating on performance reviews ("far exceeds")

Next scheduled review is discussed in January 2015, pay increase effective April 1.  (or march 1, I can't remember)

He takes on a large number of special projects and pilot tests at work (other employees are encouraged to participate in 1-2 annually, DH had 15+ this year).   He works approx 50 hrs a week.  People in other divisions seek him out for tech help and to answer questions regularly.  He is known throughout the company as a resource and almost always makes time to help others.  Over the past year he has been back-stopping his supervisor and managing the team whenever his supervisor has a day off. 

His work that gets quality checked is usually scored at 100%.

Within his salary grade, he is not even close to market value.   He is currently closest to the minimum amount he can earn at this salary grade.  There are other guys in the same position and salary grade that show poor performance and little to no motivation/initiative making well above the market rate.  (One in particular has told DH approx salary etc..  however this guy also has about 30 yrs exp. being a complete drain on the company)

DH is on board to ask for a salary increase but doesn't know the best way to do it.  Looking for any and all advice from the mustaches of the world.  Some things I would like to have answered:

Is now a good time to ask for a raise considering he is expecting his usual annual increase in 2015?
Should he use email or a phone call to do this, seeing as supervisor is out of state?
How much should he ask for?  Specific dollar amount or percentage.  How should we decide how much to ask for?
What is the best way for him to approach the topic with his supervisor....  Start listing off all his contributions to the company and then state he would like an increase?  (would appreciate help on specific things to say and wording, if possible.)

We want him to have a plan and go in well informed.

Thanks for any advice!



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Re: How to ask for a raise (for DH)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2014, 10:16:22 AM »
I think what will happen is that if he asks for a raise he might get a small token raise, but employers don't really give big raises to their own employees. If he knows what the market is he should seek a job elsewhere paying market, with his great performance they will likely do that. There will probably be a trade off (might not be able to work from home) but that's just how it is.

My last job they offered me 60k. After 6 months I asked for 65 when I was going from temp to full time. They moaned and groaned about it and took another 6 months to give it to me. A year later a recruiter called me and I said I wanted 75k, and they happily gave it to me.

It's good to ask for a salary raise in terms of % because that's how employers think. So I told them I made 65k and I wanted a 15% raise. He can ask for whatever % matches market.


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