Author Topic: Side Gigs Suggestions?  (Read 1850 times)


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Side Gigs Suggestions?
« on: January 15, 2019, 04:43:49 AM »
Right now I bring in some extra income reselling used stuff on ebay and facebook marketplace.  Works well for me.

I also get the credit card bonuses along with the occasional bank account sign up bonus.

Any other suggestions beside tradelining (not interested in this one personally) to bring in a little extra income?  Something that brings in significant amounts as those mentioned above .. something that doesn't require me to make youtube videos, write books, or market stuff.


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Re: Side Gigs Suggestions?
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Re: Side Gigs Suggestions?
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I'd suggest to look at your skills and see how you can apply those outside your regular job, preferably at a higher rate.

E.g. I'm in academia and I have a good record in writing and teaching skills and am better than average at statistics. So my side gigs are tutoring and supporting bachelor and master students writing their thesis (writing style, statistics, references).


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Re: Side Gigs Suggestions?
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2019, 06:39:28 AM »
Flip items on ebay, craigslist, offer up, etc.

Learn to make soap or lotion or something- farmers markets and Etsy.


Mow Lawns/Shovel/Clean Gutters.

Walk dogs/ Cat Sit.

House Cleaning.

Very simple HandyMan or Handy M'aam, or HandyHuman services.

Reselling books.

Social Event Host: Reading parties at local breweries, yoga at the public park, etc. $10 suggested donation and look into permits needed and workarounds.

Get your personal training Cert (just get a simple one) and do mobile (in clients homes) PT for stay-at-home parents and retired folks.

Moderation and Negotiation liaison for nervous homeowners and contractors.

Wardrobe coach either for Stitch-Fix or one of those companies or on your own.

Power Washer.

Car washer and detailer on the weekends, etc.

Obituary Writer.

A service that links young people with older folks to do one hour coaching sessions on their in-home technology (smart TVs, Cell phones, etc.).

Subscription box services.  This could be anything.  Sauces, socks, gender specific stuff, local specific stuff, herbs, spices, pet toys, etc.

Resell retro perfume (this is a good market, but hard to find).

Meal Planning or meal prep helper (look into kitchen laws in your area).

.... I could go on and on and on... and on.

Sit down with a pen and paper and get your creative juices flowing. 
Observe gaps that you see in local businesses or customer service. 

Example of observing a gap or need: Do you notice that folks are scared to drive in your area when there's snow, but you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle? 
Offer a related service that earns you upwards of $20/hr to start and go from there. 
Do grocery pick up and delivery on snowy days.
Attach a plow to the front of your vehicle.
Offer to do in-home babysitting on days when parents are working from home due to snow but kiddos had cancelled school.