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Re: Should I get LASIK?
« Reply #100 on: September 19, 2014, 03:17:23 PM »
I'm scheduled for Lasik a week from today. After hearing a couple friends rave about it I looked into it and decided to take the plunge. I don't hate wearing contacts at all, but my reasons for getting it are 1) early morning exercise (won't have to fumble with my contacts in the dark while my SO sleeps), 2) minimalism, especially during travel (no cases, solution, or glasses to remember and carry around), and 3) my contacts and the solution I use are expensive so the cost of Lasik will be offset somewhat over time, plus I'll be using some tax-free HSA cash to fund the procedure.

However, I've had to wear glasses for the couple weeks leading up to this and it's really been a pain because I wore contacts 98% of my waking hours and these glasses are a very poor substitute (not quite the right prescription, loads of glare, no peripheral vision, fall off during sports, etc...). I'm now thinking that the most important thing for my eyes is that I avoid wearing glasses for as long as possible as I age and that Lasik might be a step in the wrong direction in that regard. So now I'm not sure what to do...I realize it's a personal decision but any thoughts on this concern?

Lasik will not make you more or less likely to need reading glasses when you hit middle age. Until then, you get to be free of both glasses and contacts. Why would that be a step in the wrong direction?

For what it's worth, my experience with getting Lasik at 21 (9 months ago now) has been very positive. Some issues with dryness, easily fixed with drops. And my vision is fantastic.

I'm 32 so about a decade away from middle age. I guess my concern is that Lasik would make me less able to use contacts when my vision does deteriorate. Perhaps irrational and I'm just a little nervous about the whole thing having read some cautionary tales in this thread.

It's fine to be nervous, obviously. Can you call your doctor, the one you're scheduled with, and ask them any questions you have? I was never told that I would be less able to use contacts if I needed them, but I don't expect to need them. Anyway, as I understand it, the deterioration that usually happens in your 40s/50s is in your close-range vision, hence reading glasses. You wouldn't want to wear contacts for that, unless you planned on never looking up from your book!

Good advice. I'll give them a ring Monday but I suspect you're right about that. Thanks.