Author Topic: Two FI Scenarios for input  (Read 1028 times)


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Two FI Scenarios for input
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:16:13 PM »
Hello again,

My wife and I have been running many different scenarios to reach FI. You can see the two we're considering below. One means selling our current home (for roughly $1.6M) and buying a new one (roughly $1.1M), taking a chunk of the gains ($400k) and putting it into VTSAX and carrying a mortage on the new place ($500k). We live in the SF Bay Area so appreciation averages 8-10%, but we used 5% to be safe. We have $200k now to put into the VTSAX, but have not done so yet. we also get gauranteed stock from our companies so the $25k add each year is conservative.

We want to stay in the Bay for 10 years so our daughter can finish out school and we both dig our jobs. After that, though, we'd want to retire.

Question We're wondering if we're missing anything in our calculations? I know Vangaurd issues dividens automatically each year/month(?) so our #'s are not completely correct there. But the goal would be to sell our home in 10 years, put that cash into VTSAX and VBMFX then pull out 4% per month/year. Any tips, input, etc are welcomed. Thank you.