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Shopping Insurance - Need Advice
« on: September 07, 2012, 12:41:33 PM »
To the Badass Mustachian Mentors Among Us -

We are shopping insurance (home, auto, umbrella) and the insurance broker came back with some options. I've attached a spreadsheet with pertinent information (FMV of vehicles and home) as well as our current coverages and the proposed coverage options. Please note that with respect to the auto policy, I've gone back to the broker to let her know we don't need Roadside Assistance or the $50/day for a loaner car since we get that "free" through the "stealership" (to use a phrase I've read around here). Not sure if this will change the premium quote or not, but let's assume not. Also, I didn't include the umbrella, but for the same coverage it's about $40 less per year than we are currently paying.

I'd appreciate your thoughts as to which options you'd recommend we choose. Many, many thanks.

(The spreadsheet is fugly and not formatted. FYI to those spreadsheet gurus in the crowd.)