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sell now?
« on: October 02, 2018, 05:50:17 AM »

I think it was last year that the Canadian government started to make a move on cannabis stock. I have lived in Canada for a long time and am originally from The Netherlands, where cannabis laws are pretty liberal. I figured jumping in on the cannabis stock early would benefit me and it has. Handsomely.
Previously I bought into LiteCoin as well and again, it has done very well for me. When BitCoin started to drop I had a gut feeling this boom would be over and I cashed in my LiteCoin, this was merely a gut feeling though. I had no sufficient information to back up my assumption.

I don't think the cannabis market will deflate by much but I do think we are over the first 'hype' and it will stabilize more. I even read an article yesterday which implicated this. My primary cannabis stocks are ACB and WEED. I am a buy and hold investor and I'm convinced these will go up over $100 in the long run.

My question is, I got these in my daughters RESP and for one of my daughters I will need the money in a year or two. I'm considering getting rid of the stock now and buy a more stable one (TD, LB, for example) with dividend.
I wonder if anyone can comment on this.