Author Topic: Can I break out of this AT&T prison?!  (Read 1488 times)


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Can I break out of this AT&T prison?!
« on: July 27, 2014, 02:36:52 PM »
Hi all,

I have AT&T as my internet service provider. Currently have Fast Access DSL Xtreme 6.0 as my plan. I pay $54 per month, and am not under contract. I want to find a cheaper, but reliable service. The catch is that the building where I live is only wired for AT&T. The only other big name provider in my city is Comcast, but again, I can't get it where I live, nor particularly want to, because I had experienced the hell that is Comcast in my previous location.

My question is, are there ways of getting your own internet service that does not involve the big name providers? I use the internet for regular browsing, VoIP calling, sometimes download foreign movies and music, don't really stream much of anything. Need it to be reliable because that's what I use to call my family overseas. I have a very limited data plan on my phone, so I routinely use the wi-fi on the phone as well.

I pretty much know next to nothing about how these things work, so any tips you can give will be highly appreciated.