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Didn't see a relocation guide for this area, so I'm asking here.  I'm thinking north of the city as close to the city as you can be, yet be in a rural environment if that makes sense.  Could also consider anywhere near the city that offers a rural location, but I thought it might be nice to be closer to Lake Erie.

From what I have seen the area is doing well, and the housing market rather strong, with a lot of folks moving in.  What can you folks who are from the area tell me, help guide me toward a potential move?  What do you like/dislike about the area, the vibe of the area, hobbies and activities that make living there great, and what areas could you steer me to from what I have mentioned?  I would probably rent at first, and know it can be very challenging finding a free-standing rental home, but that is what I want.  Maybe a lead for a local person who specializes in rentals, would be great if you know of any.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Relocation: Columbus OH area... Super Lag when posting, please delete.
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I went to Ohio State for undergrad and law school.

If you want to rent for a brief period, Victorian Village and the Short North are about as fun as it gets. Mostly grad students and young professionals. Very old but classic rentals.

That might be a little urban for your rural interests, so maybe Grandview will be your cup of tea. You donít want to go too far north because the infrastructure has not kept up with the growth.


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