Author Topic: Roof rack or Bike rack on Nissan Versa Sedan  (Read 2233 times)


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Roof rack or Bike rack on Nissan Versa Sedan
« on: June 23, 2014, 10:59:07 AM »
I actually found MMM while looking for ways to allow us to keep our Versa in the case of a 3rd child.  :D  Which led me to the article on adding a roof rack to your car for extra space.


Our Nissan Versa (sedan, not wagon) has a very rounded top, which is nice on the inside because it feels more spacious.  I've looked around and I haven't found much on if this is possible.  All the pics I can find are on the wagon version of the Versa, which is round but then flattens out.

I don't understand much on how these are installed, so if you've installed one, what do you think?  We love doing our road trips with the kids, and next time we think we want to add some camping in some national parks but we are maxed out a bit on space now.


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