Author Topic: Career Change: Mustachian way to make it as a Realtor?  (Read 814 times)


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Career Change: Mustachian way to make it as a Realtor?
« on: March 04, 2019, 10:16:50 PM »
Iím 30 with a decent paying job, but I donít enjoy it and donít feel challenged/fulfilled, so Iím looking for a career change. Iím considering becoming a real estate agent in the Grand Rapids, MI area. At first glance, real estate sales seems to have a lot of Mustachian-friendly properties:
  • The independence/autonomy of self-employment
  • Good earning potential
  • Building your own solo business and the potential to grow a team of agents/start your own brokerage
  • Relatively low startup costs compared to other small businesses
  • Being associated with an existing brokerage/brand gives you legitimacy/credibility when starting out
  • License can be obtained without a college degree
However, most of what I see about making it in the business is how itís a 24/7 grind, you have to hit up every acquaintance youíve ever had for referrals, and the usual Glengarry sales culture stuff.

I want to believe thereís a more Mustachian approach to success as a Realtor by being a knowledgeable, no-BS, not-so-salesy agent and applying principles of optimization/efficiency to get more done in less time and maintain a healthy, fulfilling life apart from the business. I feel like this could even be a refreshing differentiator in a field whose practitioners have a bit of a used-car-salesperson reputation.

Iím not even talking about six-figure income necessarily. Just a healthy amount of profit that would still allow for a 50+ percent savings rate. Letís say minimum $60-70K net.

Am I nuts? Are there any agents out there doing better than average by operating in a more Mustachian way?


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Re: Career Change: Mustachian way to make it as a Realtor?
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 11:56:41 AM »
A few ways to go are buyers agent, commercial real estate, and high end real estate. I've heard those are less stressful. But you are not going to differentiate yourself by being less car sales-y. The main reasons people pay for a realtor is for their negotiating skills and knowledge of the market for pricing purposes.
If you are really interested you can start as a hobby. Assuming your current job is Monday thru Friday, showings usually happen on the weekends. So you should be able to work it around your schedule.