Author Topic: Obtaining jobs with income large enough to save?  (Read 16376 times)


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Re: Obtaining jobs with income large enough to save?
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possumjaw is male, ja?

Perhaps it's different where you are, but clinical psychology is very much female-dominated. I've heard from multiple sources that a man who went that route could "punch his own ticket" , because a good many people (men and women) are more comfortable with a male psychologist. Of course, going clinical would require a lot more schooling. And probably debt.

All of the above holds for therapist/councilor, too. YMMV. Sounds like you're pretty down on your field right now. (Are you in a small center? Therapist/councillor/clinical psychologists with highly profitable practices do tend to be found in urban areas.)

STEM isn't a pancea. I've got a STEM graduate degree and haven't had a job that made more than 25k (yet). I was one of the higher-paid workers in the lab, too. (because graduate degree.)

I suspect STEM is starting to get overpopulated, probably because the answer to every question anyone ever asks about employment is "get (another) degree in STEM".

Also, I think you might be confusing "career" with "careen" :P