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« on: February 05, 2017, 05:14:16 AM »
Sorry. Deleted.

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Re: Should I sell this truck!?
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I have a truck and a non-zero commute [25km one way]. I also have a motorcycle and a bicycle. I definitely wouldn't drive the truck for a 2hr commute everyday, but honestly my first plan of attack would be to kill the commute not worry about the gas mileage. Even in a sedan you are wasting precious hours of your life in traffic.

I've thought about quitting my current contract because of my 15-20mins commute. If my work plans didn't involve shifting to PT next year I'd make a move on that.
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Re: Should I sell this truck!?
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Yeah, most of your restrictions pre-empt the advice you'd likely get here.

Move for a shorter commute. Sell the truck and rent a van two or three times a month for far less money and no trailer woes, if that's the problem. You could buy a decent car for 8 or 10k and pocket 15-17k from the switch before lower insurance costs, but the commute... ugh.